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As your retirement approaches, it becomes important that you secure a steady income. This can become as significant a concern as providing for your family. Our ever changing economy adds uncertainty to your investments. An annuity is one way to help secure the future. With a lump sum payment you can ensure that you will have a regular income for yourself as long as you live and financial security for your loved ones when you pass. 

life-insurance-quotes-5Annuities can also be an excellent alternative to CDs, as they can provide higher guaranteed rates of return, which are tax-deferred, unlike a regular CD. But there are so many kinds of annuities being offered today it is difficult to determine what product is best for you. If you are a senior, you don’t want to be locked into an annuity with a long surrender period with high penalties at a time when you need cash.

That’s why we conduct a needs-analysis to make sure that a particular annuity is the best product for you.

Let Chuck Stilwell, CLU®, help you in this process. He will work with you to be sure you are getting the income you want, but that cash from the annuity is available when you need it.

We represent only the largest A-rated insurance companies, so you can be confident that the insurance company standing behind your annuity is financially sound.

Contact us today for an assessment of all your life annuity options. We will help you find the right annuity!